Who are we?

We are three information technology enthusiasts. We believe in the power of the internet and we enjoy the way it is shaping life. Creativity, Productivity and Innovation are our gods.

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Avenir Cokaj - Cofounder

Avenir is polymath that enjoys getting involved in many projects (primarily business related). He is always after new personal challenges and new exciting things. Avenir has found himself in computer programing technologies as never ending multi-dimensional challenge. His extended expertise with Adobe Flex technologies and further projects for over 6 years of experience in rich web application technologies help him achieve many successes wherever he got involved. Avenir enjoys good cinema in particular comedy movies, interested in current international politics, computer science and innovative things in general.


Cost Analysis and Budgeting, Rich Internet Applications with Adobe Flex, Live Data Applications, AGILE software Development methodology etc.

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Enor Nakuci MSc - Cofounder

Enor`s first love was finance and accounting. One day he started flirting with C#.NET and now he is in love with software development since 2008.
Currently he is hanging out with LAMP.
In the past he has been working in banking and telecommunication sector.
Now he enjoys very much developing and being kreator@kreatx.
When he is not developing, for sure you will find him playing volleyball, basketball, soccer, reading novels or dancing especially latin.


Cost Analysis and Budgeting, Accounting, Business Processes Analysis, Live Data Applications, Microsoft .NET, Database Design, T-SQL, Applied Mathematics etc.

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Lejdi Koci MSc - Cofounder

Lejdi is a passionate web developer with considerable experience in .Net C#, Adobe Flex, PHP jQuery etc. He focuses in following elegant object oriented design, performance busting and application level security as a very important component. In the free time he enjoys watching sci-fi movies or writing about his professional experiences in the kreatx blog.


Project Management, Database Design, Systems Architecture, Application Level Security, Core System Development, Systems Audit, Catching Computer Bandits etc.


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A joint effort to create a unique software company that stimulates creativity, productivity, innovation and harvests its fruits for our customers.


Adobe Flash Builder, Actionscript, Microsoft .NET, Oracle Java, PHP, SQL Server, MySql, Linux


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Address: Rruga "Reshit Petrela", prane ish "Stacioni i trenit", Tirana, Albania