Kreatx team is made of experienced IT professionals which have had a successful past in big industry branches like Telecom and Banking. We are willing to share our experience and knowledge with you. We offer consulting and implementation services in the below areas:

Enterprise Applications Development

Wether you are a small or big enterprise we are willing to work together on your way to success. Kreatx team is specialized in many software development platforms like:

-Microsoft .NET
-Oracle JAVA

depending on your business needs, IT infrastructure and cost planification we are ready to propose the best solution for you.

BI Services

In our Era Information is power. An enterprise uses a lot software applications to store data about it`s activity, customers, partners etc. All this data if properly structured, analysed and visualized can unleash an enormous power that can help managers take better actions and measure their impact and effects. Kreatx is here to help you getting the most out of your data by offering the below services:

-design and implementation
-database optimization
-Reporting Services with SAP Crystal Reports or Jasper Reports
-Custom Web Reporting Portals
-data quality
-data migration services

Systems Security

Computer criminals are getting more sophisticated day by day. Cyber crime is being sponsored by corporations. Identity Theft, System Compromising or even complete system takedown may happen to you the first day your system goes online. We can help with our expertise in the below fields:

-System Defense
-Attack Localization
-Disaster Recovery and Backup Plans

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Adobe Flash Builder, Actionscript, Microsoft .NET, Oracle Java, PHP, SQL Server, MySql, Linux


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