Kreatx offers a wide range of products for the medium-large enterprise. We spent a lot of time developing our foundations because we wanted to enter the market with a solid organization and reliable products.
Every enterprise is looking for a strong partner which is able to support their growing needs for software products and IT services. Look no further, we are definitely your most suited IT partner.


RADE stands for: Rapid Application Development Evolved. RADE is our main product and It is the technology that powers every other product of ours. It`s based on Adobe Flex Framework but it represents another programming paradigm, the page based paradigm. This is the same paradigm used in HTML. RADE allows you to built web applications in a similiar way of the one used for HTML Ajax applications but it inherits the crossbrowser quality from Flex. That said you do not have to care about browser compability no more. You just concentrate on the business logic and customer needs. RADE includes avanced components which will fullfil your data entry and vizualization scenarios 99% of the time but you can also extend it and use your custom components. RADE is targeted to software development companies which are willing to speed up development of web applications.
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Kreatx offers a complete package of software solutions for the enterprise. The products can be used separately or they can be integrated as a whole application seamlessly. We provide you with solutions for:
-Accounting & Finance
-Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable
-Human Resources & Payroll
-Warehouse and Inventory Management
-CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
-Sales Force
-DMS (Document Management System)


Our products support REST, SOAP over HTTP, Web Sevices connections so that you can integrate them with any other 3-rd party software product or perform batch operations.


You can extend our products with junior programming knowledge or you can request a quote from us.


Kreatx is not experimenting with you. We have partnered with one of the best financial and accounting consulting companies in Tirana. Our software is tested by professionals and is ment to be user friendly. Security is our main concern. We don`t want your financial data end up in the wrong hands.



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A joint effort to create a unique software company that stimulates creativity, productivity, innovation and harvests its fruits for our customers.


Adobe Flash Builder, Actionscript, Microsoft .NET, Oracle Java, PHP, SQL Server, MySql, Linux


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