Customer Approach

Kreatx team seamlessly partners with our customers team to ensure that we achieve maximum collaboration. This is the key factor to our success. To ensure that we understand well our customer needs we have partnered with experienced business analysts. The entire process from Analysis to Delivery is built around the customer.

Building long-lasting relationships

At kreatx we believe that software should free your employees from repetitive tasks and allow them to focus on analysis that require human intelligence. We do our best to come up with the best solution for your evolving and expanding business.

Earning your trust

We see every day as a new chance to earn your trust. It demands hard work, integrity and transparency, but that's what we do. And we do it with the right people, the right attitude and commitment.

Delivering on our promises

We follow detailed analysis, design, development, testing and deployment processes which allow us to deliver superior quality on schedule. This isn't always easy but we believe we have the skill, experience and stamina to do so.

Moving forward together

We consider our customer`s business is always evolving and expanding. Our software is designed to be flexible so that it can expand with your business seamlessly.

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A joint effort to create a unique software company that stimulates creativity, productivity, innovation and harvests its fruits for our customers.


Adobe Flash Builder, Actionscript, Microsoft .NET, Oracle Java, PHP, SQL Server, MySql, Linux


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Address: 21 Dhjetori Tirane Albania